Simple Search

Simple and customizable search bar
Nouveauté de la version 1.2
* Added a new dark theme!
* Added Metager as a Search engine
* Now 3 different customized search engines can be set up

A very basic app designed for people who want to use a search widget with their preferred search engine.

This app contains a search bar to type in a search query, which will be opened in the Internet browser. A widget for the home screen will simply start the app.

You can change the search engine in the settings (Default is DuckDuckGo) or type in a custom search string. The app also saves the search queries as a history.


Vous pouvez installer l'application en téléchargeant l'un des fichiers APK ci-dessous. Sachez que dans ce cas, vous ne serez pas notifiés lorsque des mises à jour de l'application seront disponibles. Vous pouvez aussi installer cette application en utilisant le client F-Droid.

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