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Have the Wi-Fi connected on your Android phone and want to share its password with your friend or enter it in your laptop? Don’t know where to find that piece of paper? If your Android phone is rooted, this app makes your life much easier!

This app reads wpa_supplicant file (by default in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf) and provides you a list of Wi-Fi SSIDs and PSKs (passwords).

This is specially useful when you have a guest at home or in office and you want to share the password with. Or when you’re in a new hotel, just got the Wi-Fi password from reception and want to share it with your companions. Or when you’re in a party. Or... the possibilities are numerous. You don’t have to open the wpa_supplicant file yourself and try to find the information you’re looking for in it. My Wifi Passwords does this for you.

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