MIA Process

Maintainers come and go, interests and priorities change and time flies. This is true for every project and F-Droid as well. To keep the credentials and permissions in F-Droid reasonable, there is this missing in action (MIA) process.

This means we regularly check if F-Droid team members are still active, i.e. when they last contributed, and drop those that don’t respond to messages after some time. The idea is to improve F-Droid’s quality, not to hunt developers.

What are F-Droid team members

What are contributions

  • Commits to one of the repos hosted on Gitlab.
  • Contributions to issues on Gitlab.
  • Activity on the forum.

Who is MIA

No contribution or pong to a MIA ping for at least six month.

How are MIAs tracked

For every member that is MIA, an internal issue in the admin project is opened. Every ping and pong is documented there. If a number of pings don’t receive a pong, the team is mentioned in the issue, to ask if someone has an other way to contact the person.

The removal

  • Status: First warning -> wait 16 weeks.
  • Status: Second warning -> wait 8 weeks.
  • Status: Final warning -> wait 4 weeks.

Afterwards, MIA accounts are removed from all F-Droid directories (Gitlab) or downgraded to normal user account (forum) and the issue is closed and made public if it was set to confidential.