Risolvi puzzle glaciali e sconfiggi tutti i nemici in questo RPG.

Open Chaos Chess

A chess game with randomized moves


A board game similar to chess

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

A roguelike game based on Pixel Dungeon

Super Retro Mega Wars

Play retro games against each other in any combination.


Find as many words as possible on a grid of random letters within a time limit


Gioco per bambini per proteggere il telefono dai tocchi casuali


Place letters to create intersecting words as quickly as possible.


A Mill Game which supports many rule variants

Sudoku (Privacy Friendly)

Informativa sulla partita amichevole Sudoku

Beat Feet

Salta attraverso le città generate automaticamente dal ritmo della musica.

Moonlight Game Streaming

Play games from your PC on Android (NVIDIA-only)

Tabletop tools

Handy tool collection for tabletop games


A Scrabble-like game

Dagger: Dota 2 Stats

Stay up-to-date with the latest Dota 2 matches, watch streams, and more.

Simple Chess Clock

Due timer per gli scacchi toccabili

Campo Minato - Antimine

Un puzzle game dove scovare tutte le mine nascoste.


Emulators feel at home on Android!


Gioco da tavolo

2048 Open Fun Game

2048 game with AI, Replay, History and other fun features, Open Source, no ads

OMW Nightly

Un motore di gioco compatibile con i file di dati di TES3:Morrowind

Randomix - Decision Maker

An app to randomly choose between numbers, answers, options. 🃏

EBT New Note

Submit Euro bill note data to


Play famous German card game Skat

MOROway App

Play with the MORO model railroad!


Gioco da tavolo


Un motore di gioco compatibile con i file di dati di TES3:Morrowind


Unofficial client for Android. Buy, install, and play indie games.

Egyptian Mouse Pounce

Play Egyptian Rat Screw against humans or cats.


4X civilization-building game