Catima – Gestore di carte fedeltà

Gestisce le carte fedeltà basate su codici a barre sul telefono

Status - Comunicazione Privata

Chatta ed esegui transazioni in modo sicuro

Simple Bitcoin Widget

Mostra gli attuali prezzi di cambio Bitcoin

Le mie spese

Gestore delle finanze personali facile da usare: ricche funzionalità e Open Sour


keep track of lent money and items

Dash Electrum

Portafoglio leggero Electrum per Dash


Convenient front-end to hledger-web

Decred Address Scanner

Scans Decred addresses for available funds and notifies of changes.

EBT New Note

Submit Euro bill note data to

BLW - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network support

Invoice Ninja - Open-Source Invoices, Expenses and

Create invoices, accept payments, track expenses & time-tasks


Portafoglio Blockstream Green Bitcoin


Subscription and contract management with notification function.


Controlla la cronologia dei prezzi dei prodotti Amazon

Firefly III Mobile

Wrapper mobile per Firefly III

Voucher Vault

A vault for all your vouchers and gift cards.


Bitcoin wallet app made to test payment systems against double-spend attacks.


Portafoglio Ethereum

Inflation Calculator (USA, UK and France)

Inflation calculator for USA, UK and France


Conversione di valuta


An exchange rates currency converter for Android


Mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app catered to node operators


Client per Mete


Gestione del bilancio

Dogecoin Wallet

Store digital currency

Taler Wallet

Makes privacy-friendly online transactions fast and easy

Price Per Unit

Find the best deal for the same item at different prices.

LBRY F-Droid

Browser and wallet for LBRY, a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace

Encointer Wallet

Interact with the Encointer Blockchain

Shop With Mom

Create price and unit comparisons and create a shopping list.