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Dona la tua voce: CV Project

Quest'app ti permette di contribuire al progetto Common Voice dal tuo cellulare.


App studiata per cacciatori di tempeste, meteorologi ed appassionati di meteo

windvolt Germany

strategical usage of renewable energy

Learn reading (in french)

Learn to read in french (or learn french), adapted for west Africa's children.

Easy Ear Trainer for Chord Progressions

Simple ear training for musicians to recognize different chords.

Docspell Share

Share documents with your Docspell server

LibreHealth Cost Of Care Explorer

Compare costs of medical procedures of US Hospitals


Un aiuto allo studio basato su flashcard


A kaleidoscope based on complex polynomials. Trippy.


Unofficial Android App for DeepL Translator


Convert malayalam text to manglish

microMathematics Plus

Computer algebra system

Ohms Now!

Helps you decode resistor colour bands


Unofficial companion App for Metalab

Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

Ottieni una panoramica dell'attuale situazione dei temporali


Aiuta a registrare i dati riguardanti la crescita delle piante


A flashcard app that won't let you forget anything.

LibGen Mobile

Non-official Library Genesis mobile client


A simple app to create georeferences notes.


Calcola i profili di pressione longitudinale monodimensionale in tubi sottovuoto


Calendario mestruale


Study for the American HAM radio license exams

Evil Insult Generator

This is the greatest insults app you can get!


Client per il registro scolastico polacco VULCAN UONET+

Better Schedule (Bakaláři)

A faster schedule for Bakaláři. For students, by students.

unofficial Stud.IP-app

An unofficial app for Stud.IP systems.

Look4Sat: Radio satellite tracker

Amateur radio satellite tracker and pass predictor


App for tuning musical instruments.

Linwood Dev-Doctor

A free, opensource, serverless learning platform. A linwood project.

The Kana Quiz

Semplice quiz app per far identificare all'utente i caratteri giapponesi