Sport e salute

Did I Take My Meds?

An app to manage and track medication doses

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


Open-Source fitness tracker for Android.

Noice: Rumori di fondo senza pubblicità

Rilassati, concentrati e migliora la produttività con rumori di fondo minimali.


With Smart EggTimer you can cook eggs perfectly.

oRing - Reminder

Oring-Reminder is a thermal contraception manager


A free and open source step counting app.

Meditation Assistant

Timer e registratore per sessioni di meditazioni ricco di funzioni


Quickly check EU Digital COVID certificates with the app.


Prove your vaccination, recovery, or negative test result.

Fast N Fitness

Tiene traccia degli allenamenti di fitness

Scanner for CoronaCheck

Safely open your doors


Get access with a certificate


France's official COVID-19 contact tracing app

Da non fare

L'elenco delle cose da fare inverso.


Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.

OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks

OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks

OSM Dashboard Offline for OpenTracks

Offline variant of the OpenStreetMap dashboard for OpenTracks


Un tracker sportivo che rispetta completamente la tua privacy.


Log blood pressure, weight and daily water intake


reminds you to drink water


This application is for controlling your breathing while meditating.

Track & Graph

Track personal data and create custom graphs to gain personal insight!

Headi - Your headache diary

Headi (Headache Diary) is a privacy-friendly app to log your headaches

Dart Checker

Segnapunti freccette/contatore per partite reali di freccette

Grocy: Self-hosted Groceries Management

ERP beyond your fridge, now on your phone – An awesome companion app for Grocy

LibreHealth Essential Care For Every Baby

A Newborn Baby Care Support App

Loop Habit Tracker

Traccia le tue abitudini e i tuoi obiettivi a lungo termine

Siteswap Generator

Generate juggling siteswaps for passing


Gradually build long-lasting habits.