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Open-Source fitness tracker for Android.
Novità nella versione 0.1.0-beta11
* Added Danish translations (aa548cbf, 75fbe12f) @mondstern
* Added French translations (854c836e) @twann
* Added Spanish translations (e8742dc4) @XabMS
* Added Dutch translations (0fd9fc4b) @mondstern
* Added German translations (468a32de) @mondstern

Bug fixes:
* Exercise list is now sorted in a case-insensitive manner (ec863c83) @yamanq

* Upgraded dependencies (2d966e3c, b4918d3e, 3ae85e56, 1881c369)
GymRoutines facilitates creating custom exercises and routines that fit your needs. You can use your existing training plans in the app effortlessly.

Track your progress and view statistics in the app. Improve your performance by making decisions based on data.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3, the source code of GymRoutines can be inspected, modified and redistributed by anyone (see license for more). Check out the source code on Codeberg.

All your workouts are stored locally, meaning that your data is as secure and private as it can get. Beyond that, GymRoutines' independence from the internet leads to exceptional performance and stability.



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