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Tux Math

A very fun game to learn tables and practice calculation.
Novità nella versione 2.00
Initial public release:
- The game is fully playable.
- Levels added with Additions Subtractions Multiplications Divisions and Relative numbers
- AutoLevel working
- Translation into english, french, spanish
- 3 themes created: classic, original, Afrikalan
- Pause when phone goes standby
A bunch of asteroids are falling on the city and only you can stop them. Armed with a laser cannon, you will have to correctly perform the calculations indicated on the asteroids in order to be able to aim them correctly and destroy them.

The game has many levels of difficulty, allowing you to train with additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions and finally relative numbers. It will be perfect for schoolchildren who have to revise their tables, as well as adults who would like to challenge themselves with more difficult calculations.

This game is a rewrite for android of the famous free software TuxMath, a very popular educational software for PC.

Just like the original game, it's totally open source and free (AGPL v3 license), and without any advertising.

This new version of TuxMath brings some new features:
* The "auto level" option: when this option is activated, the game will automatically switch to another level if the player has too much ease or too much difficulty with the operations that he must solve.
* Added levels with operations involving 3 numbers or more.
* A penalty (igloo destroyed) in case of too many wrong answers (To discourage the strategy of trying all possible answers).
* Possibility to play with 3 graphic themes: "Classic", "Original" and "Afrikalan".



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