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TWIF is back!

After a long break, TWIF is back and it needs your input. If you have any news whatsoever that you feel might be of benefit to the wider F-Droid community, you are encouraged to post it on the TWIF submission forum thread that can be found here . The deadline for submission is 0000 Hours UTC every Thursday.

Any TWIF submission will end up on the News section of the F-Droid website. If you’d like to be in the know of the most interesting happenings in the world of Free and Open-Source software, please subscribe to the RSS feed: on your favourite RSS application which you should have downloaded from F-Droid.

This TWIF will feature all the newly added apps, recently updated apps and removed apps from F-Droid as per 0000 UTC. This has been made possible by the efforts of the team working on the new Index. If you have any apps that you need highlighted, you can post the details you need on the aforementioned TWIF submission thread.

Thank you and looking forward to TWIFing with you!

Community News

No submissions done this week. :(

Removed Apps

4 apps were removed
  • Aurora Droid
  • COVID Certificate
  • COVID Certificate Check
  • LibreCHovid

Newly Added Apps

7 apps were newly added

Downgraded Apps

1 apps were downgraded

Updated Apps

183 apps were updated