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6 Importing Applications

To help with starting work on including a new application, fdroid import will take a URL and optionally some other parameters, and attempt to construct as much information as possible by analysing the source code. Basic usage is:

./fdroid import --url=http://address.of.project

For this to work, the URL must point to a project format that the script understands. Currently this is limited to one of the following:

  1. Gitorious -
  2. Github -
  3. Google Code - Supports git, svn and hg repos.

    Some Google Code projects have multiple repositories, identified by a dropdown list on the source/checkout page. To access one other than the default, specify its name using the --repo switch.

  4. Bitbucket -
  5. Git - git://REPO

Depending on the project type, more or less information may be gathered. For example, the license will be retrieved from a Google Code project, but not a GitHub one. A bare repo url, such as the git:// one, is the least preferable optional of all, since you will have to enter much more information manually.

If the import is successful, a metadata file will be created. You will need to edit this further to check the information, and fill in the blanks.

If it fails, you’ll be told why. If it got as far as retrieving the source code, you can inspect it further by looking in tmp/importer where a full checkout will exist.

A frequent cause of initial failure is that the project directory is actually a subdirectory in the repository. In this case, run the importer again using the --subdir option to tell it where. It will not attempt to determine this automatically, since there may be several options.

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