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Chubby Click - Metronome

FOSS Metronome with the gigging musician in mind.
New in version v2.1

- Added a new subdivision feature in Home. Each beat can now be accented, muted or played as a standard beat note.


- Fixed UI for Practice section

Chubby Click is a metronome designed for the musician that needs to easily manage a setlist of songs.
The app features three sections :

- A conventional metronome with tap tempo
- A Setlist where songs can be added and sorted, and where the click for each song can be started/stopped with a single tap
- A Practice section where metronome can be programmed to automatically increase/decrease BPM over time
- Each beat in a bar can be accented or muted

Setlists can be exported and imported. Sound (notes pitch and duration) can be customized and two presets are provided.


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