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Alovoa Lite

Open-source online dating application
New in version 1.0.5
Renamed to "Alovoa Lite" in preparation for native app
New adaptive icon
Update external libraries
Android application for Alovoa, the open-source dating platform.

Alovoa aims to be the first widespread platform to meet new people and get dates.
• No microtransaction
• No annoying ads
• No selling your data
• Strict filters, only see people you want to see
• Completely free (as in free speech)
• Completely free (as in free beer)

TWA compatible browser is needed and must be set as the default browser.
As Mozilla quietly removed TWA support in Firefox, only non-Firefox based browsers are support, except Bromite. Don't worry, a new native app is coming soon!

This version still has several advantages:
• Faster updates
• Low footprint
• Sandboxing
• Some exclusive features


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