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Baby game to keep your device safe from random baby-taps
New in version 1.20
* New setting to auto-play melodies as little fingers mash the keys.
* Use Boomwhacker colours, with the advantage that there already exist music books for children with this convention which makes it possible for small children to play the right keys without knowing to read a musical score (thanks to @pitlochry).
Have a baby curious about shiny tablets and phones? Use this app as a
baby-game and, more importantly, to prevent random taps of a baby from
doing anything you may not want. This app will show a small piano a baby
can use to explore sounds in a mobile device. At the same time, it will
block any naive attempts at closing the app. The back, home and apps-menu
buttons will be blocked, and Android's top menu won't be available. This
ensures a baby can't accidentally close the game, preventing any actions on
the device you may not want.


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