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Dark theme

Activate dark theme on your device.
New in version 2.3
-Available on GitHub
-Added Bottom Navigation Bar
-Minor bugs fixed
This app helps to activate night theme on devices that don't provide this option in the system settings.
Dark theme conserves battery power, thereby enabling device usage for longer periods without charging.
After click on the button will change the system theme of your phone.

How it work?
● Android 10+ => Prompts the user to set it manually in settings.
● Android 9.0 - 6.0 => Turns on UI system theme
● Android 5.1 - 4.1 => Turns on Car Mode

New wallpapers, timed toggles, and even display filters are available!



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  • Version 2.3 (5) suggested Added on 2021-12-26

    This version requires Android 4.1 or newer.

    It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.

    • set wallpaper
      Allows the app to set the system wallpaper.
    • run foreground service
      Allows the app to make use of foreground services.
    • This app can appear on top of other apps
      This app can appear on top of other apps or other parts of the screen. This may interfere with normal app usage and change the way that other apps appear.

    Download APK 5.5 MiB PGP Signature | Build Log