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Find as many words as possible on a grid of random letters within a time limit
New in version 3.10.0
* Increase probability of letter N in German (no diacritics)
* Small screen support
* Remove j, k, w, x, y from Italian dictionary
* Ensure all letters are shuffled correctly
* Correctly show max score when viewing in-game found words
* Align past words correctly
* Tidy preference screen

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A word game where players find as many words as possible on a grid of random letters with a time limit.

Select from several international dictionaries, with a combined total of millions of words.

Play against friends in multiplayer mode, by sending them offline challenges via SMS/Email/QR code/etc.

Build your own rules with customisable game modes:
* 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 sized boards
* Different durations
* Various scoring and hint modes

Fully open source. No ads. No in-app purchases. No tracking. Ever.

Please support further development at GitHub sponsors or Liberapay.



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