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Simple Clipboard Editor

View, edit or delete the phone clipboard's text with a simple and fast editor.
New in version 1.5
V 1.5
- Sent text to the app
- Edit selected text (Android 6.0+)

V 1.4
- New shortcut to clear the clipboard directly without opening the app
- Setting to disable automatic sync
- New translation to Portuguese (Brazil) thanks to mezysinc!
- New translation to Spanish
- Fix launcher icon not shown in older android versions

V 1.3
- New setting: Capitalize sentences on input
- Tweaks to texts and visuals of dialogs

V 1.2
- Style update

V 1.1
- Added Github and Blog links to about screen
- Fixed
This app displays the current content of your phone's clipboard.
When that content is text, you can edit, replace, delete or perform any other text modification, live.
Additionally, you can also share the content directly and create a notification with it for later use.

Note: Due to Google's restrictions the app can't interact with the clipboard while it's closed. It will be automatically updated as soon as you reopen it though. The app doesn't contains any history functionality (not yet at least).

Made by TrianguloY. Extremely small, efficient, without any permissions, free and without ads.



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