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Password Master

Password Master generates and manages passwords in a secure encrypted database
Password Master is open source app for generating, managing and storing passwords in a secure encrypted database. Generate secure passwords using cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator. You are given options to choose which characters your password should contain or you can choose your set of a custom symbols. Generating, managing and storing passwords with Password Master is fast and easy, just check options and hit a button to generate password and store it in an encrypted database.

* Create password groups with icons
* Generate and store password with an icon, name, url, user name or a note
* Simply choose which characters your password should contain
* Passwords are generated by cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator
* No internet and storage permission required, your passwords are never stored anywhere
* Generates passwords with 1 - 999 characters
* Use custom symbols which password should contain
* Use your own seed to generate passwords
* Shows password strength and bits of entropy
* Automatically clears clipboard
* Does not require any permission
* Light and dark app themes
* App is Open Source
* No Ads



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