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Mondstern Acrylic Icons

Mondstern's acrylic art as an Android icon pack
Mondstern has created several acrylic versions of app icons on F-Droid as a way to promote F-Droid.

This app is made by Sylvia van Os to help Mondstern bring their icons to several Android launchers.

It has been tested and confirmed working with at least the following launchers:
- Emerald Launcher
- KISS Launcher
- Lawnchair
- Lean Launcher
- LukeLauncher
- Omega Launcher
- Open Launcher
- Rootless Pixel Launcher
- Sentien Launcher
- Shade Launcher
- Zim Launcher

- Trebuchet Launcher (lineage Launcher) not on F-Droid
- Nova Launcher, not on F-Droid


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