Minimal presentation tool, Takahashi method with technical upgrades

Unlike a typical presentation, only a few words are printed on each slide using very large characters. To make up for this, a presenter will use many more slides than in a traditional presentation, each slide being shown for a much shorter duration.

The slides use plain text in a visual manner, to help the audience quickly read and understand the material. It is said to be helpful with Japanese and other eastern languages which use non-Latin alphabets.

The method is designed for the people who are not good at presentations and who are quite nervous about the idea of presenting. This method helps the presenter to get organized during the talk and keeps the presenter on track while presenting. The method provides clear visual support for the audience and helps make the content more memorable.

This version adds two features to be able to add content that might be useful for presentations that require some technical explanation: the ability to add UML diagrams using a remote PlantUML server, and the ability to add math formulas using MathJax.


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