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A tri peaks solitaire game.
An open-source tri peaks solitaire game. Currently only has randomly generated games

- Version 0.11 added the dark mode.
- Version 0.20 added end game statistics.
- Version 0.30 added a new game mode.
- Version 0.40 added localization support*.
- Version 0.41 added German translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.42 added Russian translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.43 added Spanish translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.44 added Chinese translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.45 added Indonesian translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.46 added Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks!
- Version 0.46.2 is the second fix release for the apk packaging issue.

*I need help for translations. If you like to, please open an issue in the issue tracker.


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