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Clean T9-like dialer
A clean T9-dialer inspired by the HTC Sense Dialer in functionality, but with
other design. Speed and clean design are the main goals of this Dialer.


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  • Version 2.90 (17) suggested Added on 2012-03-02

    This version requires Android 2.1 or newer.

    It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.

    • directly call phone numbers
      Allows the app to call phone numbers without your intervention. This may result in unexpected charges or calls. Note that this doesn't allow the app to call emergency numbers. Malicious apps may cost you money by making calls without your confirmation.
    • read your contacts
      Allows the app to read data about your contacts stored on your phone. Apps will also have access to the accounts on your phone that have created contacts. This may include accounts created by apps you have installed. This permission allows apps to save your contact data, and malicious apps may share contact data without your knowledge.
    • modify your contacts
      Allows the app to modify the data about your contacts stored on your phone. This permission allows apps to delete contact data.
    • control vibration
      Allows the app to control the vibrator.
    • read call log
      This app can read your call history.
    • write call log
      Allows the app to modify your phone's call log, including data about incoming and outgoing calls. Malicious apps may use this to erase or modify your call log.

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