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Offline Puzzle Solver

Solves various kinds of puzzle (Sudoku, N-Queens)
New in version 2.0
* Proper cleanup of threads for cancelled tasks
* Split up code a bit better for easier on-desktop testing of some solvers
* It should be a bit more difficult to confuse the Sudoku constraint chaser
* Added bonus from previous change: Sudoku solver will tell you more information about unsolvability in some cases.

Offline Puzzle Solver solves various kinds of puzzles:

- Sudoku
- Three/N-Cups problem
- 8/N-Queens problem
- The Challenge puzzle in the NetGuard firewall (as of current versions of NetGuard at time of writing. subject to change.)

Note: Offline Puzzle Solver is not for actually playing those puzzles. You may want to find another app for that.


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