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Xeonjia: Ice Adventures

Save the world by solving ice puzzles and defeating enemies.
New in version 2.3.1
* Update translations
* Bug fixes
Xeonjia is an adventure game set in a frozen world.

The floor is frozen! Think carefully about your moves because you can't change direction until you meet an obstacle.
Use you mind to solve the ice slide puzzles!

The world has been frozen by the “King of Evil” and it’s no longer a safe place.

Legend has it that a brave hero will defeat the King of Evil and save the kingdom… For this reason every year a person is appointed as “hero” and sent on a journey to try to save it.

Now is your time, you have been chosen as this year’s hero! Will you be able to defeat the King of Evil?

You will have to travel the world, explore cities, dungeons and mystical caves.

Are you ready to solve quests and puzzles in this frozen RPG world?

Over time, you will gain experience points that will allow you to increase your level and you will find money and hidden treasures that you can use to buy stuff and improve yourself.

Be careful, the world is full of dangerous enemies ready to attack you!

Keep in mind that most of the floor is frozen, so you can’t stop yourself until you reach a wall, a boulder, or any other type of obstacle.

Use your mind to figure out the best path!

Note: this game is currently in early beta stage.



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