Pocket Broomball

The world's first Broomball video game with 100+ real world teams!

Moonlight Game Streaming

Play games from your PC on Android


Um jogo de moinho que suporta muitas variantes de regras, escrito em Flutter


Programa de xadrez e cliente de FICS

Stately for NationStates

An unofficial app for NationStates — a political nation simulation game.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Um jogo parecido a rogue baseado em Pixel Dungeon

Dice Game (Privacy Friendly)

Jogue o jogo de dados com 5 dados

Dicer (Privacy Friendly)

A app permite estendê-lo (1-10 cubos), por exemplo, jogos de tabuleiro

Easter Eggs

Built in eggs in official versions of Android system.


Crossword puzzles application, download and play.


Word game


Swipe to shoot the ball in over 120 Levels. Can you collect the 3 stars?


Jogo de bebé para proteger o seu aparelho de toques aleatórias de bebés

Endless Sky

Android port of endless-sky space trading game.


Report and collect garbage, earning points!

MOROway App

Play with the MORO model railroad!

Beat Feet

Salta sobre cidades geradas para a batida da música.


Xadrez para um ou dois jogadores

8-Bit Wonders

8-Bit Wonders is a C64 and VIC20 emulator for your Android device.


A sleek and customizable Sudoku game


Recreação de motores para Heroes of Might and Magic III


Fornece dados, contador e temporizadores


Find as many words as possible on a grid of random letters within a time limit

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup for Android

An ASCII port of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup.

Reckoning Skills (Privacy Friendly)

(SECUSO) Improve your calculation skills in the four basic operations

Memo Game (Privacy Friendly)

Encontrar pares de cartas

Ludo (Privacy Friendly)

Jogo de tabuleiro para 1 até 6 jogadores

Boardgame Clock (Privacy Friendly)

(SECUSO) Boardgame Clock offers timers for boardgame time tracking

Simple Sudoku Game

Simple Sudoku Game. Easy to play, easy to enjoy.

Forkyz Scanner

Crossword-scanning companion app to Forkyz crossword app.