Gallery for PhotoPrism

An unofficial convenient gallery for your PhotoPrism library with plenty of usef

Aves Libre

Galeria e explorador de metadados

Simple Draw Pro

Faça rabiscos, rascunhos e desenhos completos com esse sketchbook digital!


Generate Stable Diffusion AI assets on your own Automatic1111 instance.

Open Stable Diffusion

An app for generating images using AI


Meme Creator - Simple and Ad-Free

Slideshow Wallpaper

A Live Wallpaper showing a slideshow of user-selected images


Easter Eggs

Built in eggs in official versions of Android system.

Les Pas - Álbum de Fotos para NextCloud

Um álbum de fotos que salva suas preciosas memórias na sua nuvem particular


Align your phone with a previously taken photo


LBalance is a clinometer or balance app offering different Layouts.


A vector graphics drawing app for Android.

Simple Gallery Pro

Salve suas fotos em alta qualidade nesse álbum de fotos digital. Sem anúncios.


A third-party Pixiv Android client. (Android 5.0+)

Pocket Paint

Paint avançada

Photo Editor

A Photo Editor app with simple, easy support for image editing using Paints, Tex

VES - Image and Photo Compare

Before and after image compare, photo compare and picture compare. Side by side

Image Resizer

Simple image resizer

Tux Paint

A drawing program for children.


Easy watermarking tool for your sensitive images


Sharpen your low-resolution pictures with the power of AI upscaling


remove os dados exif e reduz o tamanho de imagens antes de compartilhá-las.

Exif Thumbnail Adder

Add thumbnail in the EXIF tag of JPEG picture not having one (batch processing)

LLCrop (loss less)

Loss Less Cropping and Rotation: Remove unwanted parts of jpg photo without qual

Livro para Colorir

Livro para colorir - imagens de exemplos e fotos

Kinoko[Manga Reader]

Leitor de manga incrível


ROC à base de Tesseract 5


Programa profissional de pintura


FreeDCam is an open source camera app which try to enable stuff that is forgotte