Record Time Droid

Registar data e hora para gerir horas ás tarefas

Grazer Linuxtage Schedule

Navegue pela agenda "Grazer Linuxtage"

CLT 2023 Schedule

Calendário da conferência de Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (CLT)

Suntimes Calendars

A calendar provider add-on for Suntimes.


Clock + Calendar combo widget for Android

World Weather

Ver previsão meteorológica


Track your addictions and maintain sobriety!

Always On Clock

An Always On Clock for Android.

FOSDEM 2023 Schedule

Aplicação do programa de conferência FOSDEM


An essential meditation timer

Já tomou remédios?

App para administrar e acompanhar as doses de remédios

Bodhi Timer

Temporizador de meditação elegante

JEV 2022 Schedule

App do programa da conferência JahresEndVeranstaltungen (JEV)

Octal Sun Time

A clock for solar time in the octal number system

Time Cop

A time tracking app that respects your privacy without being fancy.

Vacation Days

See when you’re free — Vacation Days helps you keep track of your days off.

FallASleep - Device sleep timer

Lock the screen after a timer runs out.


Quickly create reminders and get notified later


A simple alarm application using ytdl-android.

LifeDots - Diary in 8 dimensions

Diary in 8 dimensions

Fourth Tools

Useful tools app

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration


Quick shortcut for setting alarms based on your preferred amount of sleep.

Bits & Bäume 2022 Schedule

A conferência sobre digitalização e sustentabilidade

Time Clock

Keep track of the time you spend doing the things you want with this app

LibreOffice 2022 Schedule

Aplicação do programa de conferência LibreOffice

36C3 Schedule

Calendário (também conhecido por Fahrplan) do Chaos Communication Congress

Birthday Countdown

An App counting down to your next birthday!


Alarm reminders which delete themselves automatically after firing.


Shift Calendar