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A simple, multi-purpose counter app
Novo na versão 3.1.0
* Click on a chart header to temporarily change the time interval of the chart.

* Added widgets
* Improved accessibility.

* Counters can be reset

* Per-app language in Android 13+

* Support for importing counters

* Adds an undo button after decreasing a counter.
- Track good and bad habits (eg: exercising, smoking, drinking...)
- Track when's the last time you did something (eg: water your plants, change your bedsheets, poop...)
- Count your lives in MtG

- Records the date and time of each individual counter increase.
- Graphs your data over time and calculates statistics.
- Lets you export your data (eg: to analyze it with your choice of tools).
- Your data is never sent to any server (except for Google's app backup, if enabled).
- Simple as hell and will stay this way.


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