Old Issue Tracker

ID Summary Type
66 Andor's Trail is non-free Bug
88 F-droid crashing on rooted Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight Bug
98 [Website] Compatibility filters in repo browser Bug
106 [Client] App changelogs New Feature
144 Method for suggesting users uminstall an apk Improvement
165 [Server] Tarballs don't contain subprojects Improvement
177 [Client] Show reason for grey listing Improvement
222 [Client] App popularity New Feature
238 [server]Update Check Modes don't work if repo structure changes Bug
249 [Client] Multi select packages Improvement
252 [Client] Notification should contain more information on ICS devices New Feature
262 [client] Repo as virtual category New Feature
276 [Client] Change AB icons for update and run Improvement
289 [client]keyboard navigation confusing in landscape Bug
290 [client] allow text selection of description New Feature
307 [Client] Backgrounding apk download Improvement
370 Add Support Repository to Maven search path Improvement
373 [Client] Apps won't download when phone mounted as mass storage Bug
374 Screenshots of apps New Feature
375 App ratings New Feature
376 Dev explanations for app permissions New Feature
384 Install button Improvement
388 [Client] Sort list by date Improvement
393 [Client] Resumeable downloads? New Feature
394 Shrunk index at expense of URLs Improvement
398 [Server] Include important waypoint versions in index Improvement
400 [Client] Unexpected uninstall Bug
402 [Client] Import/export list of installed apps New Feature
407 NowCommons on f-droid Wiki Improvement
416 fdroid build -vp should warn if app is disabled Improvement
420 Allow rebuild of older apps Bug
422 [Client] Optionally place new apps in the homescreen New Feature
424 [Client] Add proxy settings New Feature
427 [Client] Crashes on Android 3.1 on a Samsung tablet Bug
429 F-Droid News Tab New Feature
437 Show barcode near an application New Feature
439 Website includes a web beacon from Paypal Bug
448 Don't send autogenerated password on account creation Feedback
458 [Client] App details crash on Honeycomb due to null ActionBar Bug
459 [Client] Better control over apk cache New Feature
460 [Client] Allow bookmarking of apps New Feature
463 [App] Build Firefox from source Bug
465 [Server] Check gpg signatures in git tags New Feature
466 Adblock Plus is outdated Improvement
473 FDroid 0.60 crashes if repo goes away Bug
476 Repo can track clients Bug
480 [Client] Don't nuke app/apk tables on upgrade Improvement
481 org.dmfs.tasks is outdated Bug
486 Support system apps New Feature
487 unable to donate by credit card Feedback
489 [Client] allow custom cache paths New Feature
491 No check mark for Wikipedia's app Bug
493 for repo signing, replace -sigalg MD5withRSA with SHA1withRSA Improvement
495 '"'">000 New Feature
496 RetroArch Fails to launch Android Bug
497 Old translation (-ns?) Bug
498 Difficulty logging in Feedback
499 Hungarian Rings for Android Bug
500 Changelog Improvement
501 App description is cut Bug

Status: Assigned, Resolved, Won't Fix, Duplicate