UnifiedPush provider with Nextcloud

KDE Connect

KDE Connect integrates your smartphone and computer


Драйвер YubiKey для протокола запрос-ответ для USB и NFC

EteSync - Secure Data Sync

Secure, private and end-to-end encrypted calendar, contacts and tasks sync

Smart AutoClicker

Automating clicks based on what is displayed


Simple generic text editor

App Manager - Android package manager

A full-featured open source package manager for android.

PlainApp: File & Web Access

Manage your phone on the web! Access files, contacts, videos, music & more.

Simple Alarm Clock

Улучшенный будильник


View the third-party libraries used by applications

Inure App Manager (Trial)

An elegant multi-purpose app manager for all rooted and non-rooted devices.


This is a client app for the self-hostable Immich Server

F-Droid Basic alpha

Магазин приложений, уважающий свободу и конфиденциальность

Плитка снимка экрана (NoRoot)

Лихо делайте снимки экрана из панели быстрых настроек

Mullvad VPN: privacy is a universal right

Protect your online privacy with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN.

8Vim Keyboard

A small screen keyboard inspired by VIM and 8Pen

WiFi Widget

Configurable widget for the monitoring of your WiFi connection details

Léon – The URL Cleaner

Removes tracking & other redundant parameters from web links for sharing

Virtual Host

hosts for android,implement by vpn mode,supports wildcard DNS records


Таймер как быстрая плитка

Ghost Commander

Двухпанельный файловый менеджер


Быстрый и безопасный клиент VNC для Android

Snapdrop & PairDrop for Android

Легко перемещайте файлы между всеми вашими устройствами - Snapdrop

Aurora Store

An open-source alternative to Google Play Store with privacy and modern design


Clear the clipboard with just one tap on the app icon

Activity Manager

Hidden activity launcher


The magic to clean sharing links up


A free space eraser


A UnifiedNlp backend


Безопасный сетевой туннель нового поколения