Spor ve Sağlık

Easy Noise

A simple Android app to play white noise.

drip. menstrual cycle and fertility tracking

Menstrual cycle tracking helps you understand your cycle data and gives you insi

Food-Tracker (PFA)

Günlük kalori harcamanızı izlemenizi sağlar

Pain Diary (PFA)

(SECUSO) Record condition, intensity, location, nature and time of your pain.


Pilldroid is a theoretical medication stock manager. <em>It's in french and uses


App to save archery scores


App for monitoring the best-before date of products


Timer, which activates the devices standby mode

Mindful Notifier

A mindfulness bell with configurable text notifications, scheduling, and sound

Can I Drive

Alcohol blood rate computer for driving


Gradually build long-lasting habits.


Digital test certificate and contact tracing in one app

Open Pet Food Facts

Evcil hayvan maması içeriğine, alerjenlere ve besin değerlerine bakın

Binaural Beats

Meditasyon yardımcısı


Güzellik ürünlerine bak

Headi - Your headache diary

Headi (Headache Diary) is a privacy-friendly app to log your headaches

Fast N Fitness

Zindelik egzersizlerini izleme

COVID-19 italian monitoring

Simplified access to data on the spread of covid-19 in Italy

Workout Time!

An app for managing and performing timed workouts


A Simple, Offline Recipe Manager


Calculate heart rate from camera image


reminds you to drink water

LibreHealth Essential Care For Every Baby

A Newborn Baby Care Support App

Siteswap Generator

Sitelerin kablosuz bağlantı protokollerini geçmek için aldatıcı oluşturur


Save workout routines and track your progress.

SINE Isochronic Entrainer

Isochronic Tones tarafından gevşemeyi artırmaya odaklı Beyin Dalgaları Karışımı

Daily Pill — Medication Reminder

Reminder app for your daily medication. Easy to use and respects your privacy.

Fruit Radar

Find edible plants and share them online!


Uyuşturucu ilaçlar için bilgi, birleştirme tabloları ve canlı yardım söyleşisi

Dice Gainz

A random workout generator.