Get F-Droid

Here’s a list of ways to getting setup to use F-Droid. Please note that this document just tries to help users getting kick-started, but not an official endorsement of any products, vendors, etc.

Buy a phone with pre-installed F-Droid

  • CalyxOS - Calyx Institute is an privacy research NGO in the USA. Some of their membership plans come with a phone where F-Droid is pre-installed.
  • ShiftOS-Light - Shift Phone is a German phone vendor specializing in sustainable electronics. With some manual steps their SHIFT5mq and SHIFT6mq model can be updated to ShiftOS-Light. F-Droid is pre-installed on ShiftOS-Light.

Side-load F-Droid

Mind: Side-loading F-Droid has some limitations. Most notably Android will prompt users for confirmation for each and every individual update.

To side-load our app store you may simply have to download the official F-Droid APK and install it.

Advanced ways to install F-Droid

For users with technical background or interest, there are also other ways to get F-Droid.

Install an Android ROM with built-in F-Droid

If you’re planning on flashing a custom ROM, these ROMs might be interesting for you because the come with F-Droid built-in and ready to use:

  • CalyxOS -
  • DivestOS -
  • LineageOS for MicroG -

Flash F-Droid OTA

When you intend on flashing a ROM which doesn-t come preloaded with F-Droid we recommend to flash F-Droid privileged extension OTA. This option works great with LineageOS for example.

  • download the latest F-Droid privileged extension OTA.
  • boot your phone into recovery mode
  • side-load / install the OTA zip file to your phone, the same way you would install a custom ROM. (eg. with adb, heimdall, etc.)


F-Droid and it’s contributors might or might not be affiliated with any of the ROMs, Device Vendors, etc. listed above. The listing is neither complete nor are any of the linked projects officially endorsed by F-Droid. We reserve the right to change the listing above as our team sees fit. An official policy on criteria to get listed here is still in the works, see admin#352 for more information. If you think something on this listing is incorrect or missing please let us know: