Aalener Optik-Formelrechner

quick and easy calculate a bunch of optical functions
The Aalener Optik-Formelrechner enables a quick and easy option to calculate a bunch of optical functions.

At the moment the following features are implemented:

- Paraxial raytracing
- Exact raytracing for an object on the opitcal axis
- Calculation of oblique crossed cylinders with optional sphere
- Calculation of refraction index.
- Calculation of relative transmission
- Calculation of radii for lenses which are free of spherical aberration or coma
- Calculation and visualization for error of refraction, astigmatism, distortion, volume, weight and dimensions of spherical toric lenses
- Conversion of Back Vertex Distances (eg. glasses to contact lenses)

This application was part of a bachelor thesis for the study program opthalmic optics and audiology at Aalen University. It is meant to check calculations and takes part in the interactive lectures.

Please be advised that the whole application is in german only. If you are an optician it is highly possible that you will understand most of the functions by their formula symbols.


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