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This article is here to make sure that I am not just choosing icons that I understand, but that more people get a say in the direction the client takes.

Issue 276 talks about changing the "Update" and "Run" icons.


The proposed icons will be listed here. If you like one, please vote for it here, and feel free to add discussion why. (Add three ~'s in a row to add your signature if you want).

"Run" icon



  • Pserwylo (talk): I like this one, because I think the cogs clutter the icon a bit too much.
  • CiaranG I like this one best as well, but more because cogs make me think settings or configuration (or more specifically, they don't make me think anything, I've just seen them used that way a lot)
  • Mvdan My favourite as well.







"Update" icon


  • Pserwylo (talk): This is my first preference. It is the upload button repurposed for updating.
  • CiaranG Also my favourite
  • Mvdan I'm with Peter here. Also my favourite.
  • Mray Does not work for me at all; First -- nothing is being uploaded it is is a download. Second -- It is more of a replacing rather than adding.


  • Pserwylo (talk): My second preference is this. Primarily because of this.
  • Mray Pserwylo nails it. This is my first choice. It seem to me as the most established pictogram for an update (software in particular).
  • daithib8 (talk): this icon means apt-get update rather than apt-get upgrade. We don't currently have an icon to refresh the repos but we may need one if issue #283 gets implemented (sorry no link: can't paste in the right place). However, I don't feel this icon is misleading, whether on action bar or in notifications.


daithib8 (talk) likes this because it's not as over-used as the other options. I saw it in VLC for Android, where it is used for getting a URL input field. For users of that app it would cause confusion but for everybody else it should be OK. The top circle doesn't really do anything and could justifiably be removed or modified.