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  • Android API Levels – Android SDK documentation about the 'uses' tag of the manifest. Important for making sure that an app is compatible with the widest range of devices
  • Android App Porting Guide – also about compatibility
  • Renaming the Android Manifest package - How to rename app package on the meta-level, without (or with minimal) changes to source code. This is useful when forking a package, to still allow easy merging from upstream. Other idea is that all F-Droid packages would rather be renamed from originals, to allow seamless co-existence of both F-Droid package and a package from other sources.
  • Setting up FDroid in Eclipse – HOWTO set up the FDroid Android client in Eclipse.
  • Setting up FDroid in Android Studio – HOWTO set up the FDroid Android client in Android Studio, a custom version of IntelliJ.