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For working with the server project, it's a good idea to read [http://f-droid.org/manual/ the manual].
For working with the server project, it's a good idea to read [http://f-droid.org/manual/ the manual].
== Website ==
* Home page translation: [[Website home/en|en]], [[Website home/es|es]], [[Website home/ca|ca]]
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The place to translate f-droid.org is now Weblate: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/f-droid The project is entirely developed and maintained by volunteers. You can help in the following ways:

Follow our work

The Feeds page lists the various sites that we work on.

Report problems

If you experience problems with the site or client software, you can report them in the Issue Tracker, discuss them in the Forum or on IRC (#fdroid on freenode) (please don't make comments on Gitorious as they are hard to keep track of). Take a look at the Repository Maintenance page to see how you can help keeping apps and their metadata up to date.

Submit applications

If you see an application missing from the repository (after reading the Inclusion Policy), please feel free to submit it via the dedicated Submission Queue section of the forum.

If you have the technical skills required, you can also put together the relevant metadata and submit that via the git repository, which will drastically speed up the inclusion of the application. See the sticky thread at the top of that forum for more information.


The client application is available in many languages, but if yours is not included, or if it needs updating or improving, please create an account in the translation system (powered by Pootle) and make your changes.

If your language is not listed, ask in the Forums and we will add it. There's a dedicated forum section for translation.

Help with development

There are three git repositories hosted at Gitorious - one for the Android client application, one for the tools for running a repository and building/installing applications locally, and one for the associated metadata files for applications in the main F-Droid repository. The easiest way to contribute to development is to make clones of these projects and submit merge requests. If you are making large changes, it would be good to discuss them on IRC or in the forum first, to ensure they fit with the direction of the project, and do not clash with or duplicate work already in development.

For working with the server project, it's a good idea to read the manual.


  • Home page translation: en, es, ca

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