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Solar Compass

Name: Solar Compass


License: GPL-3.0-or-later





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Added: 2016-01-30

Updated: 2016-01-30 (buildlog)

Find directions using the position of the sun - view in repository


Find directions using the position of the sun in the sky.


Start the app and place your device horizontally. Now touch the sun icon on the screen and rotate it towards the position of the sun in the sky. The compass will automatically rotate to point the directions once you release the sun icon.

Tips: To properly find the direction of the sun place your finger vertically on a horizontal surface. The direction of the shadow will be the exact opposite direction of the sun.

The left upper corner of the screen contains your location information. You can touch the button by its side to enter a location manually.

The right upper corner contains the help button. Clicking it will open a help screen detailing the usage instructions.

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