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Wrong Pin Shutdown

Name: Wrong Pin Shutdown

ID: com.pikselbit.wrongpinshutdown

Author: {{{author}}}

License: GPLv3+





Donate: None

Bitcoin: None

Added: 2015-01-24

Updated: 2015-01-24 (buildlog)

Shutdown after 10 unsuccessful logins - view in repository


Shut down your device after 10 unsuccessful attempts to unlock it.

The app opens a paypal donation website at startup.

The method used for shutting down the phone may not work on all phones and OS versions. Please make sure you follow the instructions before use.

Maintainer Notes

  • Maybe we should remove the paypal intent from src/com/pikselbit/wrongpinshutdown/ ?
  • Donations are currently paused, see upstream readme from time to time.

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