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This app has the NonFreeNet Antifeature.


Name: OpenUntis

ID: de.perflyst.untis

License: GPL-3.0-or-later





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Added: 2018-08-21

Updated: 2018-08-21 (buildlog)

An alternative FLOSS client for the Untis timetable system - view in repository


An alternative FLOSS Android client for the Untis timetable system.

Untis is a proprietary timetable software. More information about Untis can be found at To use Untis, your school must provide it. Your school must also give you an account with which you can access your current timetable. Why use this app when there is an official one? The official app is also proprietary and includes libraries from google and other tracking software. OpenUntis offers you exactly the same features and even more. Free choice of themes and dark mode are of course also included.

OpenUntis is a fork of BetterUntis, we removed proprietary libraries and some unnecessary requests to other non-free networks.

WebUntis is a non-free network.

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