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Upload GPX files to OpenStreetMap - [https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=net.anzix.osm.upload view in repository]
Upload GPX files to OpenStreetMap - [https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=net.anzix.osm.upload view in repository]

Latest revision as of 20:02, 10 August 2018


Name: OsmGpxUploader

ID: net.anzix.osm.upload

License: GPL-3.0-only


Issues: https://github.com/elek/osmgpxuploader/issues

Source: https://github.com/elek/osmgpxuploader

Activity: https://gitlab.com/search?group_id=28397&scope=issues&search=net.anzix.osm.upload

Donate: None

Bitcoin: None

Added: 2013-07-08

Updated: 2013-07-08 (buildlog)

Upload GPX files to OpenStreetMap - view in repository


Simple uploader which can:

  1. Upload directly to OSM from any application which supports Share or Send GPX tracks
  2. Define the source of your gpx traces (eg. a directory) and show the list about the new/uploaded tracks. Select the track and upload to the openstreetmap server
  3. Allow you to choose your GPX file, tag it and upload

Tags: openstreetmap osm gpx upload track tracking

Maintainer Notes

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The current (recommended) version is 1.5.3 (version code 10).


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Version code: 5000


This version is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to the source tarball published with it.

Version code: 10