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Recursive Runner

Name: Recursive Runner

ID: net.damsy.soupeaucaillou.recursiveRunner

License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2014-10-24

Updated: 2014-10-24 (buildlog)

Run, jump and score points - view in repository


Sure, except there is a running and jumping obstacle to avoid: You! (and You (and You (and You (and...))))

Experience an all new kind of running game!

Used to play until being hit by an obstacle? You’ll play for 90 seconds each game.

Used to control 1 running hero? We’ll give you 10 of them. The trick? You control them one at a time, and when you’re done with one, he will do the same run over and over and continue to score points for you.

The challenge is to score with your current hero while avoiding your previous ones - if you hit one of them he will disappear forever.

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Version code: 1410222222