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Remote Notifier

Name: Remote Notifier

ID: org.damazio.notifier

License: Apache-2.0





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Added: 2011-01-31

Updated: 2011-01-31

Mirror notifications to desktop - view in repository


Sends notifications (for example, phone ringing) from the device to a desktop machine running the dedicated client software. Get the desktop application from the web site.

Maintainer Notes

The build is disabled because it was never published by upstream, and judging by the content of the issue tracker and short history, it's possibly unfinished and/or broken. That said, it appears to be long since abandonded, so if someone can confirm that what exists is actually working and useful, we could probably publish this version anyway.

Metadata: current history


We don't have the current version of this app. (Check mode: Static) (Auto-update mode: None)

This application has partially or entirely been missing source code since version 0.4.

The current (recommended) version is 0.3 (version code 12).


We can't build this version: The build for this version was manually disabled. Reason: Not published upstream

Version code: 12


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