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Name: Web2PDF

ID: org.dyndns.warenix.web2pdf

License: AML





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Added: 2018-07-30

Updated: 2018-07-30 (buildlog)

Convert any web page at your fingertips - view in repository


Web2PDF is the android way to use for converting web pages to pdf files. It lets you convert a web page to pdf file by using the unique "share" feature of android platform. Unfortunately websites requiring you to login are not supported.

For Gingerbread or newer devices, system download manager will be used to download the pdf file. Otherwise for older devices, once pdf conversion is completed, system browser will be opened to download the pdf. The location of the saved file may be different across different devices. For example, using the stock browser with nexus one, the pdf file will be downloaded such as /sdcard/download/

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