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Installed Android Tools

Build Log

' failed on server for org.nonononoki.hendroid:1.11.5'


== Installed Android Tools ==

INFO: Creating log directory
INFO: Creating temporary directory
INFO: Creating output directory
INFO: Using git version 2.11.0
INFO: Building version 1.11.5 (150) of org.nonononoki.hendroid
INFO: Getting source for revision 1.11.5
INFO: Creating file at build/org.nonononoki.hendroid/
INFO: Creating file at build/org.nonononoki.hendroid/app/
INFO: Running 'prebuild' commands in build/org.nonononoki.hendroid/app
INFO: Cleaning Gradle project...
INFO: Scanning source for common problems...
WARNING: Found possible binary at metadata/android/en-US/images/featureGraphic.png
ERROR: Could not build app org.nonononoki.hendroid due to unknown error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/vagrant/fdroidserver/fdroidserver/", line 1101, in main
    options.onserver, options.refresh):
  File "/home/vagrant/fdroidserver/fdroidserver/", line 867, in trybuild
    build_local(app, build, vcs, build_dir, output_dir, log_dir, srclib_dir, extlib_dir, tmp_dir, force, onserver, refresh)
  File "/home/vagrant/fdroidserver/fdroidserver/", line 515, in build_local
    count = scanner.scan_source(build_dir, build)
  File "/home/vagrant/fdroidserver/fdroidserver/", line 277, in scan_source
    warnproblem('possible binary', path_in_build_dir)
  File "/home/vagrant/fdroidserver/fdroidserver/", line 161, in warnproblem
    json_per_build['warnings'].append([what, path_in_build_dir])
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable