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Name: AmbitSync

ID: idv.markkuo.ambitsync

Author: Mark Kuo

License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2018-07-19

Updated: 2018-07-19 (buildlog)

Read Suunto Ambit watches and convert to GPX - view in repository


AmbitSync is an app to download sport logs (or "moves") from Suunto Ambit GPS watch and convert them to GPX file right on your Android device through the Ambit charging USB cable. No interaction with Movescount website is needed. It also supports Strava upload.

You will only need the Ambit USB cable and an OTG cable (Type-C or Micro-B to Type-A receptacle cable), connect your watch with the Ambit USB cable through the OTG cable to your Android device's USB port. Your device should support USB host mode or this won't work at all.

Note that this app requires network permission just for Strava upload. You may choose not to upload to Strava. The app does not communicate with Movescount at all.

Disclaimer: Although this app does "read-only" access from your Ambit watch, it does not guarantee 100% safe and functional. Also it is not proven to work on any Android devices + Ambit watch combinations.

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