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Android USB Serial Monitor Lite

Name: Android USB Serial Monitor Lite


License: Apache-2.0





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Added: 2013-06-24

Updated: 2013-06-24 (buildlog)

Simple USB-Serial Monitor - view in repository


USB Host API may be required on the device — this isn't the same as USB peripheral or thumb drive support.

Author has tested CDC-ACM with Arduino UNO, MEGA, mbed. When you connect a CDC-ACM device to Android, please select Menu -> Open Device. You can connect Android to Arduino UNO; if you have an FTDI USB-Serial adapter(FT232RL), any microcomputers can be connected to Android by using this application.

  • supports CDC-ACM protocol(Arduino, mbed, PSoC etc.)(beta)
  • supports FTDI chips
  • Baud rate (1200 - 115200 bps)
  • Data bits, Parity Check, Stop bits, flow control, break options(not support in CDC-ACM)
  • Display in character/decimal/hex notation.
  • send a result by e-mail
  • send/receive Linefeed code(CR/LF/CR+LF)
  • font size option

Connection Examples:

  • Android — Arduino UNO
  • Android — USB-Serial Adapter — Microcomputer
  • USB-Serial adapter
  • Sparkfun — FTDI Basic Breakout

Maintainer Notes

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