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AnySoftKeyboard: Georgian

Name: AnySoftKeyboard: Georgian

ID: com.anysoftkeyboard.languagepack.georgian.fdroid

License: Apache-2.0






Bitcoin: None

Added: 2013-05-20

Updated: 2013-05-20 (buildlog)

Language pack for AnySoftKeyboard - view in repository


N.B You may need to install Georgian fonts. This process would require root. We have a package for them: org.herrlado.geofonts.

Install first, then select the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard's Settings->Keyboards menu. See the Google Play description of com.anysoftkeyboard.languagepack.georgian_full for more tips.

This package is a hybrid, using keyboards from the source code page and dictionaries from the texts of the literature portal (editor an co-owner Giorgi Kekelidze) and published with his permission. Be sure to mention that this package uses a different dictionary if visiting the issue tracker

Maintainer Notes

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We have the current version of this app. (Check mode: None) (Auto-update mode: None)

The current (recommended) version is 2.1.4 (version code 5).


This version is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to the source tarball published with it.

Version code: 5


We can't build this version: The build for this version was manually disabled. Reason: One of the srclibs fails on android update project (at e8b7071461)

Version code: 4