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Name: AppBak

ID: org.moparisthebest.appbak

License: GPL-3.0-only





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Added: 2014-02-19

Updated: 2014-02-19 (buildlog)

Back up list of installed apps - view in repository


Simple way to back up a list of installed applications to a file on your SD card. The option to restore individual apps from this list is limited to other app stores that are installed on the phone that can accept market intents. It is not a good idea to restore apps already in the F-droid repo using this method. In most cases F-droid apps will have a different signature requiring you to uninstall the app when switching between sources.

There is an option in F-droid to cache downloaded apks to local storage, so if you are looking to restore apps after a wipe try keeping that enabled. The apps can then be restored using a file manager like org.openintents.filemanager.

Maintainer Notes

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The current (recommended) version is 1.0 (version code 2).


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Version code: 2