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Audiometry Made Easy

Name: Audiometry Made Easy

ID: ut.ewh.audiometrytest

License: MIT


Issues: https://github.com/ReeceStevens/ut_ewh_audiometer_2014/issues

Source: https://github.com/ReeceStevens/ut_ewh_audiometer_2014

Activity: https://gitlab.com/search?group_id=28397&scope=issues&search=ut.ewh.audiometrytest

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Added: 2017-05-10

Updated: 2017-05-10 (buildlog)

Test your hearing capabilities - view in repository


Note: this app is no longer actively maintained.

AME is designed to diagnose hearing loss without the need for expensive medical machines. Using signal analysis and your phone or tablet's own microphone, AME can calibrate virtually any pair of earphones for a hearing test that will return the user's hearing thresholds in dB HL. It also provides services for the user to save test results, view them later, and email test results anywhere from within the app.

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