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Behat Reporter

Name: Behat Reporter

ID: headrevision.BehatReporter

License: MIT


Issues: https://github.com/headrevision/BehatReporter/issues

Source: https://github.com/headrevision/BehatReporter

Activity: https://gitlab.com/search?group_id=28397&scope=issues&search=headrevision.BehatReporter

Donate: None

Bitcoin: None

Added: 2014-01-07

Updated: 2014-01-07 (buildlog)

Display server output - view in repository


Show the output of the Behat server tool. See the source code page for requirements.

Maintainer Notes

Metadata: current history


We have the current version of this app. (Check mode: Tags) (Auto-update mode: None)

The current (recommended) version is 1.0.4 (version code 5).


This version is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to the source tarball published with it.

Version code: 5